Residents at Anita Stone Court nursing home in Moseley have enjoyed weekly visits from a group of pupils who attend Dame Ellen Pinsent School, a special needs school in Kings Heath, which caters for children with cognition and learning difficulties.

The children, all aged 9-11, visited the residents for six weeks, talking to them about their families and taking part in singing and dancing together, as well as Christmas crafts and performing a Christmas concert.

Kerry Parker, Assistant Head at Dame Ellen Pinsent school said: “As a school we like to celebrate diversity as well as having real-life and meaningful experiences. We have seen so many benefits since starting the visits. Our children have formed some lovely friendships with the residents and frequently talk about them when they are back at school.”

Staff have noted that the intergenerational partnership appears to have built confidence and communication skills amongst both the children and adults.

General Manager of Anita Stone Court nursing home, Sara Connolly, has noticed the positive impact the children’s visits are having on the residents: “The laughter and conversation between them has been amazing. For those residents with dementia or communication difficulties, there has been a noticeable benefit. You can see on their faces and in their body language that the bonds they have developed with the children are really special.”