We know that choosing a nursing home for your loved one can be difficult process. Our case studies show what life is really like in our nursing homes to help you with your choice.

“You never really lose the feelings of guilt that you aren’t caring for them yourself, but Mum has had a life since she came to Robert Harvey House. I can’t speak highly enough of the care she has received.”

Iris Oldbury, 91, has been a resident at Robert Harvey House for the last five and a half years. Her daughter Kate, tells us about her experience of choosing a care home and the effect it has had on Iris and her family.

“A retired school secretary, Mum lost her husband when she was only sixty. She did everything she could to stay active mentally and physically. She was always reading, walking and attending a scrabble club. However, she became increasingly forgetful and ended up developing Alzheimer’s. My brother and I tried to care for her between us but when she became very ill with a chest infection, we realised we couldn’t do it anymore.

We visited lots of nursing homes but when we walked through the doors of Robert Harvey House, we knew it was the right place for Mum. It’s a bit like buying a house – you just know. We were impressed that the place was spotless, it didn’t smell like some we had visited but most important of all, the staff were fabulous!

It means everything to us to know that Mum is safe and well cared for. It gives us peace of mind even though you never really lose those feelings of guilt. She had been in bed for five months when she moved into Robert Harvey House but after her very first night there, the staff had her up and about. We were amazed. She was given her life back and enjoyed taking part in activities and going out in the minibus on trips. She settled really quickly and we were pleased and reassured that visitors are welcome any time, day or night. Also, the manager is always available.

Mum has been looked after wonderfully but I visit three times a week and can see that all residents are treated equally. My advice to others who are considering a nursing home for their loved ones is to do your research and visit as many as you can. I can’t speak highly enough of Robert Harvey House and would be happy to move in there myself! It gets five stars for everything in my opinion.”

Kate Oldbury

“It says something about the home that she’s just reached her 105th birthday – they’re obviously doing something right!”

Rose Aldritt, resident at Robert Harvey House, is about to receive her second birthday telegram from the queen for reaching the remarkable age of 105. Her son Peter tells us about how a bit of luck and a lot of love has made all the difference to their lives.

“Mum used to work for an engineering firm and after that, she was a public analyst. She was always content and lived in her own home until she was 94. I used to go and have dinner with her on my way home from work. My dad had died years earlier but she was doing well on her own. One Sunday, after ringing and getting no answer, I found her collapsed on the floor.”

After a stay in hospital, it was clear that Rose wouldn’t be well enough to return to her own home and would need more specialist care. She was assessed and the family were told a place was available for her at Robert Harvey House.

“The best bit of luck for us was that we came across Robert Harvey House. When Mum first arrived, I didn’t think she’d last long at all, she was so unwell. Within a couple of weeks she was like a different woman! She was up and about in a wheelchair and that was due to the love, care and attention she received. It took a great pressure off my brother Alan and I to know she was safe and being looked after so well. I’ve got to praise the caring staff and nurses here – I rate them very highly, they’ve been very good. It says something about the home that she’s just reached her 105th birthday – they’re obviously doing something right!

“All the staff are very friendly, and that means a lot. Mum has got a beautiful room and the facilities are top notch, it’s all very relaxing and nice and clean. I have to say I can’t fault it – I’d like to get my own name on the waiting list!”

Peter Aldritt